Are you making the most of Single Sourcing?

Take your online help documentation and your user manuals to the next level!


Save time and money doing it the right way. Using Microsoft and Adobe software for documentation development and implementing effective technical communicator standards wasted time and money can be eliminated from documentation projects.


Why keep spending the extra money, when you don’t have to?


We have remote technical writers available to make this one time transition for you, so you can start saving money, today!





Systems and Business Process Writing

Documentation is required for a company to move forward in the development of critical systems and business processes. RUP, UML and SDLC can all come into play here for larger projects so it is good to have a solid analytical and proven methodology for providing quality systems and business documents.

Corporations invest time and money to learn these methodologies and sometimes the benefits and monetary gains are intangible.

Let us say you have a team with expertise in the critical systems and business processes. Their knowledge of the critical systems and processes are accurate and exceeds expectations. The team’s technology skills consist of word processing, spreadsheets and some graphic illustration. From the technical communicator’s point of view, this may very well be a team of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). The technical communicator with graphic illustration and writing skills can meet with your SMEs and start producing system and business process diagrams after each meeting is completed.

But let us take a closer look at your team. Do they have the time to produce the diagrams? Is there an easy to learn graphics illustration package in-house that a team member can use to illustrate and document the critical paths? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then this may be a technical communicator project that you can do in-house. If the answer is no, consider a freelance writer to document your critical systems and business path, using the SMEs with a clear understanding of the critical paths.

Clients allocate months for projects that may only need a few weeks if enough thought is put into constructing a documentation solution for a project.

Save time and money by looking at all of your options first.

Sometimes the answers are right in front of your nose!


Freelance Web Design

Technical communication and writing includes a variety of skills. The basic approach of most technical writers is to add to their skills in a manner that is suitable to their career development.


Our technical writers have a liberal arts education (art and photography) as well as application and web programming experience. Therefore, it has been easy for them to add web skills to their training curriculum.


JavaScript, Dreamweaver, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, InDesign, Microsoft Office, VISIO, and more.


To date, we have been contacted for freelance web design as well as writing a variety of business manuals (on-line help and print) for the company website and personnel. This has been a very interesting experience since old documents and sketches become on-line help or PDF down-loadable documents from their website. The business analysis skills used for technical system and application development are useful for analyzing and organizing the new documents our clients are developing.


The old and the new are coming together to build a tomorrow, on the Internet, for many companies.

Working with Difficult People

A technical writer needs many skills, including people skills. Learning how to work with difficult people can be a challenge in the software industry where technical communicators are often employed.


More information on this topic is being found in trade journals and booklets. We often have to take on the role of communicator/writer/consultant/analyst when working with difficult people.  This multitasking role allows us to monitor the business environment for issues, produce documentation, and provide suggestions. Our clients with these issues have learned a great deal about how this issue impacts the writing and creative process in an organization. We walk though the process with them and make flexible agreements with the understanding that difficult people can negatively impact the outcome of projects.


Addressing this issue saves any company money and most managers dealing with this problem are aware of it. Productivity is lost, morale is low, and complaints never stop. In some cases, managers can assist but the problem still needs a solution.


We have found that introducing new terms and new rules can reduce the negative impact on the project deliverable at the start of the project. Taking a new rules/new terms approach at the beginning of a project can help identify those that are willing to help overcome the negative impacts of difficult people in the workplace.

Skills for Technical Writers

EducationTechnical Writers must be effective technical communicators and develop

as many skills as possible. The documentation, advertisements, sales brochures,

and more need to be mastered for print and web.Photo and Design



If the content is reusable, it is a benefit to your client and makes you a refined technical writer/communicator.


Digital photographs can be reused to create a variety of documentation and web



As new technologies are developed, a technical writer may find the need to frequently add to their skills.Binders





Learn, Learn, and Learn!

Essential Technical Writing skills for the future