Writing Remotely

Now that the four day week is becoming more popular, so is remote writing. Investing in a laptop can make remote writing much easier. A laptop with an internal network card can provide Internet access for online publishing at any remote location with wireless access.


For certain types of writing the writer may need to be on location. But after the meetings, product reviews and engineering changes have been completed, writing can begin at any time or location.


Some of our writers attend all engineering meetings via conference call. After hanging up the phone the writing begins and the team begins to collaborate on the content of the documents. Writers go on-site one to five times a year depending on the need of the client. In some cases, the writer meets the client once, and writes for that client on an open-ended contract.


Just think of the money saved by the client and the writer at a time when gas prices may soar higher than we have ever imagined.


The clients and writers can focus on their business instead of worrying about what the price of gas will be tomorrow.





Concerning Corporate Keyword Phrases

Layoffs are at an all time high. How do you know if your job is in jeopardy? It is difficult to tell for sure, but we have collected a few phrases from employees and freelancers that may be of interest to you.


Here are a few phrases you really don’t want to hear.


  • Your department should be immune to the layoffs
  • We want you to bring Sayeed up to speed
  • You got a minute?
  • We are concerned….
  • Stop by my office before you leave today and make sure you bring your coat
  • There is nothing to worry about; you will not be affected by the buyout
  • Salary reviews will be postponed this year
  • Bonuses have been rescinded
  • Furlough
  • There’s no truth to the CFO being indicted
  • Please report to HR ASAP

If you have a phrase you would like to share with us, please do.




Dealing with Impossible Deadlines

Many freelance projects exist because the deadline has already been missed. One management solution to a missed deadline is adding more people; put more workers in the trenches! Well, if the trench can only handle two workers to allow room for shoveling than more than two is a problem.


We have seen cases where management will add so many people to a project and the result is that everyone gets in the way of getting the project completed. This is where your technical communicator skills can save the project from another missed deadline.


  • Be articulate, and explain the issues impacting deliverables
  • Use simple examples like, 10 gallons of water do not fit into a 5 gallon tank
  • Introduce phased deliverables


Commitment to a phased approach is one of the key components and potential solutions to handling impossible deadlines. In addition, the first phased deliverable serves to educate your client about the issues that make the deadlines impossible.