Innovation: Authoring Tools

Businesses need a way to capture information and make it readily available. Online authoring provides a methodology for meeting the needs of corporations responsible for meeting goals, app development, policy compliance and more.

Cost Effective Task Management

Is it better to have one employee or more than one employee who can update management forms?

Using online help, the instructions for updating an employee can be readily accessed online instead of looking for a specific chapter in a document. Information can be separated by task and steps with instructions like the manual below.

Update Employee

Click Update Employee on the left pane and Update Employee instructions display on the right.

If you are running an Oracle application, instructions can be generated in Oracle Help. For Java, Java Help is available as well. Anyone with computer skills and security authorization can update the employee information.

What other ways can I use online help?

Each year people are finding new uses.  From Standard Operating Procedures to Life and Disability Benefits online help can assist employees with a task as long as it is concise, well organized and aligned with a specific task, strategy, goal or mission critical path.

For more information use the links below to see if online help is a cost effective tool for your company.

Online Help Manual Formats

Life and Disability Sample Online Help

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