Email Campaigns, Social Media and Technical Communicators

How is social media impacting technical communicator email campaigns?  Well, things are changing and there is never a dull moment. We are finding that there is an increase in advertising email campaigns moving to the internet and now there are discussions about including social media environments.


It is our understanding that advertising email campaigns on the internet is a lower cost advertising solution, thus a good choice in this economic environment.


From the perspective of content writing, we are noticing that newspaper and magazine advertising has reduced but internet and social media advertising has not been used effectively in many cases.


Our work with email campaigns has shown us that many companies do not know how to effectively implement these campaigns for reasons such as deadlines, cost, poor designs, and lack of web skills.


In addition, there are discussions about how social media will be impacting technical communicators, advertisers, and others, so this is definitely something to be watched.

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